Senin, 10 September 2012

Damn it, I'm Fat

Waktu berusaha mengalihkan pikiran saya agar tidak berpikir buruk tentang seseorang, jadilah saya main game.. ngook.. Pilihan yang dilematis,that's addicted . I play game and didn't move too much, now I'm here....FAT.. T^T I need too move. Unfortunatelly, the games suddenly error, I can't fix it.. (stupid I am) and for killing time I read , and DAMN !! I'm not get bored, but I'm fat.. sheesh !! Now here is my today's menu.. I make bakwan jagung .. improfisasi, saya tambahin tomat buah di dalamnya.. When I tested, umm... it's lil bit sour, weird. :P.. But I still like it... wew.. @.@ I wanna be pretty.. >__< Dear me, please get some exercise.. please clean up the home.. don't be so lazy, don't eat too much. Stay positif, Stay believe in God.

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