Senin, 08 Februari 2010

Come To Sit With Me

Feel your sound in the air, when I take a breath
It's feel simple and full of live
I take the power that you gave
Let's go with me to face the sunrise

Can I keep you stay beside me
Just likes thousand times I dreams about
Look at me and come to sit with me
Can you imagine what we can reach out

Let's see the earth from above
Let's go to the deep blue sea
Let's run without fears on the bridge
Let's come to sit with me

You can go everywhere you wanna go
You can laugh every times you feel happy
But you still can cry when you wanna let it go
I will stay there every times you want me

Blue sky blue sea
Deep inside your heart I don't know
Fresh air warm sun
Would you come to sit with me
Like thousand times I dreams about

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